Pictures of Newark

As a lifelong citizen of Newark, I spent much of the past few years painting and photographing my changing city. Pictures features a selection of my work, complemented by classical music. Five of Modest Mussorgsky’s pieces from his composition Pictures at an Exhibition are selected, each of which represents the feel of a certain part of Newark. The following five locations are featured:

  1. THE PASSAIC RIVER – music: Mussorgsky’s Promenade
  2. OLD ESSEX COUNTY JAIL – music: With the Dead in the Language of Death
  3. MOUNT PLEASANT CEMETERY – music: Promenade
  4. DOWNTOWN NEWARK – music: Mozart’s Death March (k 453a)
  5. PORT NEWARK – music: Promenade

Growing up in Newark, I am inspired and saddened by the inner city. I am inspired by Newark’s hope of renewal after decades of White flight, under-investment, and urban neglect. I am saddened by the loss of my city’s historic architecture and urban fabric to the wrecking ball of what is called progress.

Curious about the history of the old Essex County Jail? Explore this interactive exhibit.


3 thoughts on “Pictures of Newark

  1. I am very interested in your project. Liked what I’ve seen. Also, a lifelong resident and intend to continue.


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