Newark: A Pictorial History

This exhibit was on display at the Newark Public Library from May 7 to August 31, 2018. Second Floor Floor Gallery, Main Library, 5 Washington Street, Newark, 07102. The preview of the exhibit is visible online here.

An exhibition of fine prints, postcards, and photographs of Newark from the 18th century through the present day from the Library’s Special Collections. The exhibit is curated by Nadine Sergejeff, Special Collections and Digital Initiatives Librarian. Acknowledgements: Tom Ankner, Beth Zak-Cohen, Zaundria Mapson Little, Linda Lobdell, Daniel Schnur, Jane Seiden, Myles Zhang.

I contributed ~34 images of contemporary Newark to this exhibit, as well as assisting the library in its collection of metadata and the scanning of its extensive map collection of old Newark in summer 2016 through summer 2017.


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